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Black Pepper

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Black pepper is such a common spice. It is  found in nearly every kitchen; but the health benefits of this common spice are amazing.  The chemical piperine which is present in black pepper that causes its spiciness has antibacterial,  anti- inflammatory, and antioxidants properties.  This spice which is from India is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K, also fiber. Black pepper is excellent for the stomach.  It helps to keep the digestion process healthy, and helps to keep stomach gas at bay.  Black pepper also promotes sweating and urination which helps the body rid its self of toxins.  In Ayurveda practices  pepper is added to tonics to help with cough, and colds.  It is also helpful to breakdown mucous and congestion.  Adding black pepper to food helps the body absorb the vitamins in the food it consumed with.  The antioxidants in black pepper help prevent cellular damage from free radicals . The benefits of the common spice are great and such a simple way to add a tasty healthy spice to your life.


Author: lainapoulakos

Laina Poulakos is a mother of five children with certifications in Aromatherapy and Herbology. She is also working towards a certification in Nutrition. Visit her online consultation store and purchase her products at: Her interests in Aromatherapy and Herbology started when her third child was born premature in 2002 with a chromosomal deletion. His health issues were numerous, by the age of two he was on twelve different medications. She knew there had to be a more natural and effective way to care for her family. After researching and trying some natural remedies, her son’s health improved greatly. Now he hardly needs to see the doctor at all. She sees this experience as an opportunity to continue learning and sharing information with her family and friends.

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