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Black Pepper

Black pepper is such a common spice. It is  found in nearly every kitchen; but the health benefits of this common spice are amazing.  The chemical piperine which is present in black pepper that causes its spiciness has antibacterial,  anti- inflammatory, and antioxidants properties.  This spice which is from India is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K, also fiber. Black pepper is excellent for the stomach.  It helps to keep the digestion process healthy, and helps to keep stomach gas at bay.  Black pepper also promotes sweating and urination which helps the body rid its self of toxins.  In Ayurveda practices  pepper is added to tonics to help with cough, and colds.  It is also helpful to breakdown mucous and congestion.  Adding black pepper to food helps the body absorb the vitamins in the food it consumed with.  The antioxidants in black pepper help prevent cellular damage from free radicals . The benefits of the common spice are great and such a simple way to add a tasty healthy spice to your life.


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Daily Detox

What is does it mean to detox the body?  It is simply making simple healthy changes to our daily routine which improve ones health, by clearing the body of toxins.  Toxins are substances that can have a negative effect on our health.  Such toxins such as metals, chemicals, and environmental pollutants, and artificial ingredients.  Some simple ways to start a healthy detox are; choosing the right foods, such as organic fruits and veggies, and avoiding GMO foods.  Also a healthy mind and body are a great way to help you detox.  Exercise helps you release toxins in your sweat through your skin.  Meditation helps you to relax the mind and rid it of stress.  Also adding foods such as garlic, lemon, broccoli, and raw fruits and veggies with help.  The air we breath should also be fresh and clean.  opening windows and adding plants to your home of office are a great way to refresh the air you breath.  Drinking water is and excellent way to detox.  infused water is a great choose.  A infusion of cucumber, lemon, and mint, is both refreshing beneficial to the body. With all the toxins in our environment we can all benefit with a little daily detox.