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Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is not only delicious, but packed with tons on beneficial nutrients.  One of the many benefits of tart cherry juice is that it can help lower blood pressure.  In studies shown blood pressure was reduce to up to 7% in just 3 hours of drinking the juice.  Tart cherries are also beneficial in brain health.  The high levels of antioxidants and anthoryanins may help to slow degenerative brain diseases.  Another health benefit is how it can help with osteoarthritis and stiffness associated with  exercise.  Tart cherry  juice is excellent in helping with insomnia.  Drinking or adding a supplement of tart  cherry  juice, can help add up to 90 minutes more of a restful nights sleep.  This is do to the melatonin and tryptophan in the juice. With all these amazing benefits of tart cherry juice it is a wonderful addition to your nature medicine cabinet.

Laina Poulakos