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Himalayan Salt Light

One of the most well know uses of a Himalayan salt light is its power to purify the air. This is done through the heat activating the salt and it attracting dust, pollen, and dander. These partials get trapped within the salt, and clean air is released.  Helping reduce suffering of allergies, and asthma.  The Himalayan salt light emits negative ions.  This is beneficial because, it can help increase our energy and reduce stress  creating a more peaceful, and stressfree environment.  The Himalayan salt lights also neutralizes EM radiation which can drain the body of energy and may have other negative health effects on the body.  Salt lights can also help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. The gentle glow of the salt light mimics the glow of sunshine. The salt lamp can also help you sleep better, by helping to cancel out positive ions in your bedroom.  Simply, leave the salt light on during the day to help cancel out the positive ions and turn it off at bedtime.  This will create a most restful environment. The warm glow of the Himalayan salt like has so many positive benefits in one’s home, It’s a great addition to one’s home.

Laina Poulakos