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Epsom Salt

Epsom salt have many health benefits for the body and mind.  Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulfate. It got its name from a saline spring in England.  Studies have shown that magnesium sulfate is easily absorbed through the skin. This make an Epsom salt bath an ideal way to receive the countless benefits provided in, Epsom salts. Know to help ease muscle tension, Magnesium sulfate also helps with migraine headaches, and nasal congestion. Also can as help to regulate ones heartbeat and lower blood pressure. This can help with the prevention of stroke and improving blood circulation. The proper magnesium sulfate  in the body also increases the effectiveness of insulin, and can lower the risk or severity of diabetes. Epsom salts also help the body ride its self of toxins.  A simple bath once a week of 2 cups Epsom salt to bath water is all it takes to start to gain the healthy benefits listed above. So relax and get healthy all at the same time.