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Spicy Cayenne

Spicy Cayenne Pepper has many health benefits. It adds a tasty zing to chili and other spicy dishes.  There is so much more to this pepper. The caspaicin in cayenne is the active ingredient that has many health benefits. Cayenne is used in many muscle rubs to soothe pain. You can mix a few dashes of the cayenne and a few teaspoon of olive oil and make a muscle rub. Another benefit of cayenne is it can suppress your appetite, and burns calories. It does this by increasing the body temperature and  improving circulation.  Cayenne is also beneficial when you are suffering from a cold of flu. It is a powerful decongestant, by stimulation the release of mucus. Just sprinkling cayenne on you food will provide many health benefits.  Cayenne is also, helpful in regulating blood sugar which can help diabetics.  The capsaicin in cayenne is also helpful with skin conditions such as psoriasis, helping with the symptoms of itching.

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