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Turmeric As Gold As Gold


Turmeric, that beautiful golden spice, just might be as valuable as gold. Turmeric is  known for its use in the Indian cuisine.  It gives curry that lovely golden yellow color. India has used the benefits of turmeric for thousands of years. The compounds found in turmeric are called curcuminoids. These compounds hold many powerful benefits including anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant powers. Turmeric consumed, increases the bodies antioxidant capacity.  This can help  protect the body from free radical damage.This golden herb also can boost brain function which can lower the risk of brain disease and aid in depression. Turmeric can also be beneficial in heart health, do to its ability to improve endothermic function and potent anti inflammatory properties and its high level of antioxidant.  Arthritis patients also respond well to adding  turmeric to their diet.In some case studies adding turmeric was better then using some anti inflammatory drugs. Adding turmeric is simple. You can add it to your hot tea with a little ginger. You can also use it in all your favorite recipes, if you use black pepper with it the body will absorb it more efficiently. These.These are just a few reason why turmeric is as good as gold.