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How Can Chamomile Help You and Your Family?

Chamomile is a small daisy-like flowering plant. It grows aromatic, whole flowers with yellow centers. These flowers are the part of the plant that are typically used for their beneficial properties. Chamomile is helpful in dealing with a variety of ailments, but is especially useful in calming and soothing nervousness.
A tea can be made from the flowers and be used to calm colic in babies. Combine 2 to 3 teaspoons of the tea with either juice of water for the baby. Chamomile tea is also great during teething because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
Chamomile is often used to calm one’s nerves. It is useful in easing anxiety and tension. Before a stressful situation, drinking a cup of chamomile tea can help to relieve stress. A cup before bed can also help provide a more restful sleep.
I have used chamomile in my family for many years and have always found it to be quite useful. My son suffers from ADHD and I would prepare this tea for him to bring to school in his Thermos (as iced tea). When he became fidgety or distracted he would have a few sips to calm himself down.
I always have chamomile tea in my pantry. Its antiseptic properties make it useful when suffering from a cold or other illness and its calming affect can help one to rest. However, if you suffer from hay fever you may be sensitive to chamomile so use it with care.
I hope you find chamomile to have as many great benefits in your home as I have found it to have in mine.


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Garlic Power

The use of garlic dates back to 3000 BC. A relative of the onion, garlic can help with a variety of ailments. It can stimulate a sluggish thyroid and is quite powerful at killing internal parasites.
When eaten, garlic disperses throughout the body via the bloodstream allowing it to disinfect the body. “Garlic Breath” is a byproduct of garlic cleaning the respiratory system upon the exhaled breath.
Garlic is also beneficial for the circulatory system and immune system, because it is excellent at cleaning the blood. It also helps to get rid of heavy metals from the body.
I find that the easiest way to bring the benefits of garlic to my family is to use it in my every day cooking. I cut the bulb up very small and add it to a variety of dishes including: beans, vegetables, sauces, breads, and with rice or noodles.
If I start feeling under the weather I will take a chopped clove of garlic mixed with olive oil and eat it on top of a cracker or piece of bread. This recipe works like magic for me, I rarely get sick and when I do the symptoms are much milder than they would be ordinarily. However, eating this can give you pretty strong garlic breath; this is one reason why garlic is known as the “stinking rose”.
I hope you find as many reasons to love garlic as my family and I have.

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Why Lavender Oil is Amazing

Lavender oil has a rich history in the birth of modern Aromatherapy. In the 1920s, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, a French Chemist, burnt his hand and applied lavender oil to it. To his surprise his hand healed quickly and without complication.

Lavender oil has many healing properties, both physical and emotional. The physical healing properties of lavender oil are plentiful; it is amazing all the ways a simple plant can help the human body. Lavender is antiseptic and antibacterial, it also has painkilling properties. These properties are valuable for healing cuts and scrapes. Lavender is also a decongestant and is effective in fighting colds and flu. Lavender can also lower blood pressure and ease nausea.  Emotionally, lavender is a calming and soothing essential oil. It helps with calming nerves and anxiety by balancing emotions.

I find lavender oil to be greatly beneficial within my own home. I use it almost every day in my family life.  To treat bumps, bruises, and scrapes, I prepare a simple solution that can be sprayed directly onto the affected area by adding 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a 3 ounce dark-colored spray bottle of water. I use this same mixture to calm down my children when they become stressed or tired, by simply spraying it around the room. I have a few spray bottles of this around the house and one in my purse. Being a busy mother of five, I use this solution almost daily.

I hope you find lavender to be as beneficial to your family as I find it to be in mine.